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Workshops and Online course

Workshops and Online course

Workshops and Online course


"It was a fun, inspiring workshop and you were a great motivational teacher!" - Nadine Azam   

"This workshop opens up your mind to a new perspective on life." - Amira Sami   

"The workshop made me feel like I can accomplish anything I want. There is no such thing as failure, you can only learn from your experiences." - Azza Badr El Din   

"Rania's manner is open, low key and thoughtful. This is a lady comfortable in her own skin, nothing to prove, she has plenty to show and say, doing her best to deliver the message to the audience. I enjoyed the workshop and loved hearing her personal experiences, and found the activities during the workshop very engaging and relevant. I am already talking to my circle of connections to join one of her Happiness workshops." - Khaled El Kafrawy

"This really was a unique and helpful time to recenter myself, my goals and my needs." - Bayan Abubakr

"It was a very positive experience and enjoyable. Time flew by." - Amira Abou-Taleb

"The workshop presents simple, accessible and essential ideas on happiness, life, our perceptions and how they hold us back. MUST KNOWS for anyone, in my opinion, who wants to be happy and learn the power of the unconscious mind." - Hana Seifelnasr

"Rania's personable approach gave me the confidence that there is a chance for me to be happy. I only have to FOCUS on the things that matter to me more. There was a lot of positive energy in the room which made the time well spent." - Lamia El Sawy

"I truly enjoyed this workshop and feel like I've genuinely benefited from it. I was a bit skeptical but was convinced, and I want the same understanding for my loved ones." - Hana Elmessiry

"It felt good attending the training, great eye-opener. Information we received was very helpful." - Mai El Sawy

"The content is really empowering and eye-opening." - Nagla Abdel Razek

"I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with my peers and learning to let go of so much that holds me back." - Sara Elmessiry

"Attending the Happiness 101 workshop was an inspiring and value-packed learning experience that was conducted in a spirit of fun, joy and connection. Thank you Rania for your incredible energy, and gentle approach you made us all feel how accessible and possible achieving HAPPINESS can be for our lives." - Sahar El Arishy

"This workshop is a great introduction into the world of self-development and self-awareness and not just to learn about the concept of happiness." - Dana Dinnawi

"Being an extremely realistic person, I was very skeptical about my responsiveness to this workshop. To my surprise, I left the workshop feeling quite enlightened about life's priorities, about true happiness and how relative it is from one person to another." - Amina El Fayoumy

Private sessions

Workshops and Online course

Workshops and Online course


"The NLP sessions were like magic to me. A session would take me from a dark narrow corner into the light. It would make me switch and turn my thoughts and beliefs. The power of NLP to me is that it proves to me that it’s all about perspective. It gives me power, making me believe that it’s all in my hands. And that 99% of the struggle is in my own head. It made me able to face negative thoughts without fear. Now when I have a negative thought messing with my head I listen to it carefully, not to believe it, but to tell myself otherwise. I’d like to thank you for your significant support and help. You are amazing :)"

"I was very skeptical before I had my session, simply because I couldn't comprehend how NLP worked. You made a great effort explaining every step of the way in a manner that not only made sense, but was actually very convincing. The best way I can describe the session is that it took my mind to beautiful places and, when I was done, I felt a sense of relaxation that I had not experienced in a very long time." - Amira

"It reinforced that there is no have to, musts and shoulds. It’s really our choices and what we want to make out of life. I felt more empowered and calmer." - Gehan

"Overall I walked away feeling a lot lighter, more optimistic about my situation and the future.  When I came to see you I felt trapped and suffocated. The first part of the session where I spoke and unloaded basically my ‘pain’, that in itself was a relief. I was comfortable talking to you though I met you very recently, but there is a familiarity there for some reason, and perhaps that's what made the session comfortable. One thing I remember you saying to me that has touched me greatly is to stand in my greatness and to own my skills and talents and not shy away to make others comfortable." - Sarah

"I am a changed leader/manager. I am finally able after 31 years to address work problems in a productive manner. I am much calmer, I have more empathy and am contributing to the success of my business and the well-being of my employees in ways I couldn’t do before." - Ismail  

"Sessions with Rania were transforming! It is amazing how we find solutions and ideas for happiness that are simple and doable. And how a few small steps can help you big time get closer to what you think is happiness. Of course that’s other than the fact that Rania radiates so much happy positive energy that you can’t forget. I highly recommend it :)" - Mariam

"Rania saved me. I know that I was about to have depression. I lost hope in the world. I hated myself and always saw that I am not enough. I had doubts about myself and people around me. I always had that thought that people have to be satisfied so I would be happy. I always lived my life for others and always feel disappointed. Rania listened to me when I was barely able to speak. She worked with me to discover myself, to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. She made me see myself differently. It took time to change but everyone around me sees now that I am more relaxed. I started to think that I am a good person, whatever people think or say. I started to say “no”. Now every time I feel that I am down or blue I think of her words. I always remember my positive image. Thank you Rania, I really appreciate your help and encouragement."

"Before our session I had this sense of dread brought on by the mere thought of setting up my facebook page to promote my practice. The session was truly transformative in that I walked out with zero dread and I dare say I was excited about launching it. When I got home, I started working on some content. When I had to go out to run an errand, I was eager to get back to keep working. Building up my facebook and Instagram pages has become a daily routine that I look forward to. I believe the hypnosis part of the session had everything to do with shifting how I viewed and felt about jumping in with no dread of fear." - Nadia